Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tour notes from Görlizt, Germany.

Today, I've recognized that I didn't share some important points from recent Germany trip. My followers knows that I love ornaments, cherubs etc...I love to visit all stores that run those kind of goodies.
Görlitz was one special destination for us in our long tour, we especially chose that lovely place to see the original location of the Grand Budapest Hotel film.
Before our trips, I always try to review interesting places for me. One of them was Görlitzer Weihnachtshaus. My followers should remember I've shared Kathe Wohlfahrt  Christmas shops in Germany a few times. I love to visit Kathe's stores in different cities in Germany, I spend long time there reviewing all those amazing items. To be able find a special Weihnachshaus in Görlitz made me so happy before our trip.
Görlitzer Weihnachtshaus is another lovely place with its two storey building. Especially its wonderful smell was amazing, reminding special scents of Christmas time.
 These are my new hand-made small goodies from Görlitz. I love this German craft, they do wonderful job, indeed.
To find candles with angel Raffaello print was another surprise there. Also handmade nice candle holders came to their new home in Istanbul:))  Now I use them with blue color candles, their vintage look is so nice with my other blue color accessories..
Another nice place I've found in Görlitz was Art Glas Else. I fall in love those little angels but so sad that store was closed. The weather was cold and rainy, I went to dinner with a big disappointment:((
Next day in the morning miraculously sun was shining.  We had a long breakfast at the hotel to wait store openings. I went to mentioned stores, enter the inside with a big grin my my chin. The owner lady was speaking English, we started to catch, she got impressed my interest to her lovely goodies.
To meet with Ms.Else was so nice, indeed. As far as I understood from our short conversation they run a family business. She creates lovely objects. But, she said that  some items such as flute playing angel had been created by her uncle. 
As you see, she uses very nice little boxes to pack items, adds suede cordons if I buyer would like  to use little angels as pendants. By the way, she also accepts custom orders as well. I'm so glad that I visited that stores in the morning, It was really worth to wait till its opening time. Those lovely angels are in my home now. Who knows, maybe I arrange another trip Görlitz to visit Ms Else's store once again. 


Shirlee Fassell said...

Love the Christmas shops in Germany! I was at Kathe Wohlfahrt several years ago and it was overwhelmingly beautiful.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Kathe is a real special place for me, I can spend all day, selecting goodies.
In addition, I love Christmas time in Germany, their Christmas bazaars are soooo nice. You feel a different spirit there.