Saturday, November 1, 2014

Diva's Elegance DYB RR - My work on Annette's block

I’ve  completed my work on Annette’s colorful block.
When I’ve selected this  pretty block among the others, I’ve decided to work with contrast colors...with my neat color embellishments, to catch a harmony wasn’t hard. I’ve started adding a turquoise rig-rag at right side. It was sent me at a swap by a dear quilter friend Lydia. Its place was perfect, with same color sparky beads. Same color flat oya addition was good coverage on the contrast fushia color as well.
At the opposite side, I added beaded oya lace which is almost same color with the other patches, added small charms at the bottom. I sewed them in the middle of three seeds beads of the laces. They looked liked as a part of the beaded lace.

I added stiff type  fuchia color oya flowers, they looked so neat with the trim and the base fabric colors.
I kept continue with pleaded organdy trim, I like the color of that trim, I used it before at different projects and RRs as well..  
When I was thinking about what to do on the yellow patch, I thought  wisterias should be nice. I did several wisterias with seed beads, completed their leaves with silk ribbons. A few years ago, I attended Nancy Eha’s online Beading Class, it was a very fruitful  class to learn all tricks of making lots of interesting things other than just flowers, leaves with beads.
At the bottom of the silk print I added a vintage lace. At left side, I made a seam treatment with doubled Chevron stitch and with many additions of pearls, charms, seed beads.

As a final I put a  fairy, key, heart and bow charms. 
I hope Annette likes what I’ve done her colorful, lovely block.  
I have some UFPs, I hope I can complete them soon and share soon. Happy stitching:))


Annette said...

well my dear let me tell you Annette is delighted with her block and what a keepsake it will be. to know all the love that went into it. Thanks so much for taking the time to create this. xoxoxoxoxoxo hOpe you love the one I did for you .

mary said...

just beautiful!!!