Friday, February 20, 2015

Diva's Elegance DYB RR - My work on Nicki's block

I really had an unlucky situation with my infected finger, that little thing bothered me too long. I hate excuses but  it was so painful for several weeks and afterwords it sore badly, I couldn't even hold a needle...So, I had to cancel some projects and some commitments delayed. Unfortunately, I'm behind the schedule for the Diva's Elegance RR. But, I so grateful for my dear friend Nicki's understanding. Because, her block suppose to at home two weeks ago:((

Nicki's block is a pretty I started to add a lace and vintage blue trim...I love blue color and I was keeping that old trim for a special project...This lovely block was perfect piece to use it.

I wanted to write "baby" with those letter buttons but I didn't have latter of "A" . Therefor, I only did this medley on top of the lovely baby print. I loved that teddy bear charm, I used it on the lovely fabric which has wonderful blue tones.

I did seam treatments using bugles, sequins as I almost do...I like lovely glaze of the sequins, they always give another beauty, I believe.

I used some other little charms as well on this block to reflect baby, child related items:)

I tried to do my best with this sore finger, right hand index finger!!!! I hope she likes what I did on her wonderful block.  I enjoyed so much to work on this pretty block, I wish I couldn't have that unlucky finger problem, I could perform better. 
So, we came to end of the another RR, it was so nice, friendly group. 
By the way, my blocks came back home, I'll get them together to  make a wall-hanger. I would like to thank all participants once again for their efforts on my blocks.


NickiLee said...

Rengin - what an adorable block you've created for me.... so sweet! I understand about your finger as I smashed my middle 3 on each hand a week ago trying to pull down my garage door. I am just now starting to be able to hold a needle again. Maybe hurting our fingers was a way to tell us to slow down a bit.
Thank you again for your beautiful work!

traderslostart said...

Another beautiful block Rengin. It is always a joy to see your finished project. I have prayed for your recovery, and am thankful that you are able to work again. I hope your recovery continues. I know how frustrating it is when you can't work on, or finish your commitments. God Bless you always.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Nicki, You most welcome, I enjoyed so much to work on your block. But, I couldn't do any SRE, I tried but it was impossible to pull our the needle with a ribbon.
I guess you're right, hurting our fingers were a signal to slow down a bit.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thanks so much, my hand is better at least I started to stitch again, slowly slowy stitching:)))

QuiltingFitzy said...

Beautiful work Rengin, the shades you've chosen accent the block beautifully!

It was an honor to work on your blocks, thank you for participating.

Glad to hear you are on the mend. xo

Rengin Yazitas said...

Fitzy, thanks for your comment.
I also thank you for your lovely work on my block, it was a lovely RR, run smoothly, I enjoyed so much to stitch with you all.