Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Lots of Lace" RR- My work on Linda's block

So, another traditional RR and  another lovely block to play with.  As I always say so there are some RR blocks that I decide what to do when I opened the envelope, Linda's block was one of them, it was full of my favorite colors, I selected all necessary items from my stashies and started to stitch. Of course, I added lace at first, I added another thin lace  on to it with blue shades as well. I did bullion sttiches as petals of the flowers, I made 16 and 20 wraps with dark-blue cotton perle and completed them with beads.

 That hankie is so lovely with my favorite colors, I added stiff oyas that they are almost same color tones, they made a nice combination with main focus of the block. Of course I did a chain stitch using metallic thread, I don't like to leave assembly lines empty!

My dark blue color ric-rac was another perfect match with the other side of the block. I did a different stitch form on the ric-rac, used contrast colors of the seed beads.

This photo shows block which is going to dear Nicki, tomorrow. I hope Linda likes what I did on her block. Now, waiting another block to play. Last year, I joined DYB RRs, I almost forgot to work on the traditional RR. Happy stitching.....

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