Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lots of Laces RR - My work on Nicki's block

I neglected blogging in the last weeks again. One of my recent work was Nicki's lovely block. It was another wonderful block, I enjoyed so much, worked so easily with a nice color harmony. One of  metallic ric-rac  that was sent me as a swap goodie, finally found its perfect place, with some additions  of small charms, metallic thread it looked so pretty. 

I added neat color beaded lace and its assorted flat type oyas, long type bugles and same color pearls made a nice combo. 
I don't use flower type sequins much but this time they found their perfect place, I believe.

This photo shows better my work on the left bottom side of the block.

1 comment:

Maven said...

I love the blues in this block and the lace you've added to it!