Saturday, October 17, 2015

Last RR job done!

I've started Downton Abbey, DYD RR with great excitement. But, so sad that many incoming and outgoing mail problem ruined RR, it caused a disappointment for us.
I'm also so sad that  one of my partner's block got lost on the way. She made another one and I just completed my work on it. After having lots of stress related with the postage problems, I decided not to join any RRs. 
Theresa's block is my last work on a RR block. I hope she likes what I did on her block.
I tried to pay a special attention on her lovely block, which is all my favorite colors. As I always do, I tried to create something special...Especially this block was with Downton Abbey theme, should look rich!!!...My followers know me well, I love heavily embellished blocks.

 I started from the longest patch, added one of my beaded oya lace long the seam. In this block I used symmetrical  trios, oya flowers, laces, seam treatments etc. I used them all three pieces.

I used various types of beads on the seam treatments, I stitched chain stitches to cover seam assembly lines. I did them with  metallic Kreinik threads.

My right hand tendon problem still exist, therefor I'm unable to make SRE work, however, I did lots of beading on Theresa's block. I'm so glad that I found so many neat color beads, pearls in my stash, I used them in a harmony.

This photo shows final of the block, I enjoyed so much to work on Theesa's block. Now, it is ready to start its long way to WA, USA. 
This winter I'll not join any other RRs, just I'll try to complete some UFPs and start new projects. 
Wishing all the best, happy stitching....


traderslostart said...

Rengin I am in awe of your work, as I am sure you know.
In is always with great delight that I view what you have done.
I am so sorry that you had so many issues this year.
The RR I was in had a lot of problems too. I just finally received
my last block back that I did using Kaffe Fassett fabrics, which I
should have reveived in September. I am so happy becasue I
thought I would never see it again.

I wanted to create a block for you for Christmas, but my stitching
is not yet good enough.
God Bless you my friend.
Bear Hugs,

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Your stitching is such a blessing. I admire your work and this purple/lavender block is a favorite!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thanks so much, Connie. I really enjoyed so much to work on that RR block. It was a final for me, I tried to do my best. Next year, I'll not join any RR, I'll work for new projects.