Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kathe Wohlfahrt, German ornaments designer!

I always love to visit Kathe Wohlfahrt, world famous designers and seller of German Christmas Gifts and Decor. I'm so glad that we arrived Oberammergau before 6:00p.m. Saturday evening  before Kathe closed and I selected many things to buy in a short time. They have two stores in Oberammegau, I got a chance to visit only one this year I wish I could have more time visit other store as well  to review all those wonderful items, but it is better nothing,:))

 Their stores are always wonderful with amazing decorations but Christmas time is always different.

It was a great surprise that they allow customers to take photo this time!  Only one photo per person allowed!

This one is  their biggest store in Oberammergau, but it is closed Sundays...I respect their rules, but I wish they could have special application for the Christmas season, at least they may be open half day every Sunday.
Oberammergau was snowy last week but there was no snow when we arrived there, I wonder if it is snowy in Rothenburg ob der Tauber where Kathe's main store is  located. They have a special Christmas museum there, too. I visited that amazing store spring&summer times, I bet, it must be much more wonderful this time of the year, now. 
Season's greetings!

I loved this little glass wreath with  red bow,

This one is also my favorite one that it already took its place on my chandelier instead of tree. I must admit that I scared from our furry boys, they didn't do anything to our tree this year yet but it is better to protect my new ornaments.

I loved this glass poinsietta form  ornament but so sad that it was only one piece in the store, I wish I could have more to make bundle in a decorative plate:( 

This is  another adorable piece, glad I have two of them:))  I'll display them with my other angel collection pieces.

 Several years ago, I've bought only two small photo frames  from Kathe at my Rothenburg ob der Tauber visit. Only those pieces were available in that summer time. Glad I found those pieces now, my collections has new pieces now:))

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