Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Market in Dachau, Germany!

My followers know it well that I love traveling and I love hiking on the mountains.
I seldom share my trip photos here but, I seriously started to think have another blog to share my travels and interesting photos. Because I've created this blog to share my crazy quilting journey, I mostly shared related things afterwords my travels. 
In the past few years "trip advisor" is a great source for us to chose good restaurants, cafes  for the local tastes. It is also a good trial to ask at the hotel crew where they have their dinner, especially together with their family, and mostly they suggest non-touristic local places. This year I started to write my reviews...I must admit that I'm so objective, I write everything if there is something wrong! I got really good feed-backs related with my reviews and some of my friends insist me to write my travel memories....I really started to think that a new concept for blogging will be another new job for me...I also would like to have opinions of my current followers, if they like to read my travel adventures or not???

So,  let me start here as a beginning to tell my last trip to Germany! 
It was great coincidence that Dachau's Christmas market was the same day that we arrived Germany, due to its so close location to Munich why we shouldn't spend first day there? We visited Dachau several times, but not X-mas time before. I was always wondering its winter and especially X-mas time. 
It was so nice and cozy atmosphere in the town, well organized market, other activities were enough to make people happy in that cold weather. 
Fantastic smell of roasted nuts and  gluhwein were sorrounding the  place which  was making atmosphere so special!

Who doesn't like this cozy atmosphere? This lovely decorated place is the dining room our hotel, Zieglerbrau, at Altstadt. 
Dachau is a typical little German town in upper Bavaria. The town is also known for its proximity to the infamous Dachau concentration camp which is built by the Nazis and thousands of prisoners died there.   
It so close to Munich, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) north-west of Munich. Now, it is a popular residential place for people who works in Munich.  
 I admire Germans, they know to protect their past very well, when they renovate building never destroy its main structure.

I love to catch wonderful details, they really pay a special attention  to keep oldies. This close-up photo shows better that wonderful outdoor  lighting of the green building.

The historic center of town with its 18th century caste is situated on an elevation and it is visible over a great distance.

Center of the town hosts Weihnachtmarkt now.
By the way, I still keep taking photos with "From my Window" theme. Isn't is great that to see this gorgeous 18th century castle from your hotel room? That's why I love to select these kind of old towns to visit , old hotels (mostly boutique hotels) to stay.
Season's greetings!


Cathy said...

What a lovely post, Rengin. I would love to hear more of your travels either on this blog or if you start a new one. I remember your lovely post about my "old hometown" Seefeld, and what great memories it brought back to me. Have a wonderful Christmas dear friend!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Dear Cathy,
Thanks so much for your comment...I'll keep going to share travel memories...
Merry Christmas, my friend!

traderslostart said...

You know I have told you many times dear Rengin, that I love it when you post pictures of your travels.
It gives me a chance to see portions of the World that I will never get to see in person, and gives me a
chance to see all that beauty throught your eyes. Please continue to post pictures and add them to this Blog. If you start another one just for the pictures I might miss them, whereas I visit this blog frequently, and love to
see your work and where you have been.

Who takes care of your furbabies while you are gone? They must miss you a lot.
Take care my friend. I will wish you a Blessed Christmas in case we don't talk before then.
God Bless you both . . .

Rengin Yazitas said...

Dear Sondra, Thanks so much for your comment, I got some other PMs that my friends also would like to see my travel photos here, in this blog...
My DD takes care of our fur babies when we are gone. They got used to our travels but our older boy always looks a little bit upset after we came back, it is his protest!!!
Merry Christmas, dear friend, much love...