Friday, January 15, 2016

Salzburg Fortress Concerts, Salzburger Festungskonzerte

After extensively traveling in Europe I forgot how many times I’ve visited some places, Salzburg is one of them. But, I don’t know why I recall Salzburg  as a lonely city. Whenever I go there I feel that way. This time, when I was sitting at Panorama Restaurant,  I watched awesome mountains and I looked at the panoramic view of the city and  felt same thing again, it is an alone city.

 It is a lonely city, indeed  No crowd, no traffic, no rush, no noise, no air and  lighting pollution.... and, only  serenity for me.  Of course , I came to this end with a comparison with our megapol city Istanbul!!!  

This time we had an opportunity to experience the perform of Salzburger Festungkonzerte on the Salzburg fortress.  
Before concert we had dinner at Panorama Restaurant. It is optional to have dinner before concert or not. We bought tickets accordingly to have dinner there.  Well, is it worth to pay that much money for that standard menu is open to question but it was worth to sit there to watch panoramic view and have a drink. When the weather conditions are good enough, dinner is served to guests participating in the VIP Dinner & Fortress Concert package on the panoramic terrace of the restaurant, offering a breath-taking view of the town and province. 

  The perfomance of Mozart Kammerorchester Salzburg was pretty good, especially wonderful atmosphere of the 900 year old Salzburg fortress was amazing, we experienced much more than just a concert in that amazing place.
The “Best of Mozart Orchestra Concerts” are unique to Salzburg and take place in the most magnificent hall in the city, the Golden Hall on the 900 year-old Salzburg fortress.

The richly carved portals and the four colums are fashioned out of red Salzburg marble.. The massive roof beam is one piece with 17 meters lenght.
 The ceiling represents a starry firmament and it is studded with about 3.000 gilded bosses

The saloon was full with so many people from all over the world. Especially I would like to state that formally dressed, elegant  people from far east. I’m not a musician, unable to criticize the performance of the orchestra but only thing I can say I enjoyed each moment in that magical place.  They performed from Mozart, Haydn, Dvorak, Vivaldi and Strauss as well.
The musical enjoyment  is well enough for me to go there once again to a concert in Salzburg.
No matter which time of the year you visit Salzburg, I believe that you’ll  find classical concerts of the highest quality with Salzburg Fortress Concerts.
The view from windows are breathtaking. We had a fantastic sunset view there, I wonder how it is like when snowing!!! Most probably it must be snowy now.
After a splendid time with full of music we  left lonely city Salzburg.  
I'll keep continue to share my notes from Kaprun region.


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Enjoyed your beautiful Salzburg photos. It is funny in an ironic way that you see it as quiet and lonely. You compare it to where you are from and I thought it was busy, coming from my quiet Iowa. Of course, it was quieter than many of the other places we visited in Europe, especially Italy!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Connie, I love my city Istanbul but its cosmopolite population, traffic makes me sick&tired. I need serenity after all those daily hustle&bustle, I love to go to quiet places for vacation as much as possible!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Seeing these pictures makes me think of the 'Sound of Music' movie. Looks like such a beautiful city.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Maggie, "the sound of music" was (still is) one of my favorite film...
Several years ago we went Mondsee. Its original film studio!You gave me a good idea for a new blogging, thanks...

Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures and descriptions, Rengin. You know I left my heart in Austria decades ago. My daughter-in-law and her mother visited there last May, and I encouraged her to visit the catacombs. Did you visit them? Salzburg is where I embarked on a boat journey up (down?) the Danube to the Tiyrol region. It was a July 4th, which is the USA's Independence Day. As much as I love Austria, I missed my homeland. Several of us huddled in the mist on deck and sang US patriotic songs softly. It was my most memorable 4th of July.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Cathy, thanks for your visit. It was a nice choice to celebrate your Independence Day on a boat:)) I always like Austrian Tyrols region, all those awesome mountains, wonderful chalets, cozy furnishing styles are, beautiful nature, good food, lovely people makes our holidays terrific. No stress related with traffic jam, no parking problem is a main factor when traveling!

Linda said...

Such a beautiful Salzburg tour! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

traderslostart said...

Rengin, your pictures are always so beautiful. I think I have told you before, that I get to live
vicariously through you because of your pictures. I have never been off the East Coast of the
United States. I thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of parts of the world that I have
never seen in person, and never will get to see.