Thursday, August 11, 2016

Travel Notes, Norway, Chapter One!

I neglected my blogging in the recent months, I keep share some important issues or photos via FB or Instagram. 
My followers know how much I like to take photos, it became more serious hobby in my life since last year... I attended a photography course last year to enhance and improve my knowledge. Therefore I started to visit places to take photos.! My friends/followers wanted to learn more about my trips, details about what to dos, where to eat, what to eat issues as well....
Some friends encouraged me to write trip notes.  So, I decided to start from recent one, your feed-backs are always very welcome.
As I told you I want to make start from our last trip, afterwords I’ll write Italy, Scotland, Germany memories.
We were planning to go to Tromso, Norway but one of our Norwagian friend told us that it won’t be a smart idea to go there this time of the year. She was so true because we won’t be able to see the northern lights in July. Therefore,  we postponed it and started to plan a round trip starting from Oslo. Long years ago we went Oslo, I stayed there for a Patchwork Exhibition and my husband made a fjord tour. He made a really good program for this year with his previous experiences, one of his class-mate and his wife joined us, as well. So, our 10 days program started with a great excitement.
Norway has some of Europe's most spectacular scenery, with fjords, mountains, glaciers and waterfalls. To be in this wonderful nature was fantastic, I'll try to tell my Norway experiences as much as I can.
We directly arrived to Oslo and same day to Bergen by plane. Oslo Airport is small and well organized.
Usually Oslo to Bergen leg of the Norway in a Nutshell” is classic tour, which is a combo of train, boat and car travel. But, we independently added plane option to reach Bergen in short time and start fjords tours at first.
Domestic lines section has some practical applications, such as their luggage acception is  “do it yourself” to minimize costs. We printed bag tags at the check-in machines, attached them on to our luggage and hand it over at the counter marked “bagdrop” and pur them on to the conveyor. Do it yourself and go to gate!

It was  50 minutes flight, it was heavily raining when we proceed to plane at Oslo and another rain shower welcomed us at Bergen due to the long waiting time for our luggage, departure from airport took long time.  
We easily came to Central station from airport by bus and reached to our hotel. Hotel Terminus an old building, its entrance, nicely furnished bar&lounge is so nice, indeed. This hotel is a good option with its great location, friendly stuff, classic style and well furnished atmosphere, clean and quiet rooms.

 How nice that they protect their old buildings precisely, you may see this "Historical" label on the buildings in Norway.The main reason of our selection of this hotel its location, just beside the  Central station, so it was nice for us to  cross the street and to enter the station for the train in the morning.

We had to leave hotel early in the next morning before standard breakfast time, we asked for a quick breakfast possibility. Our take-away breakfast bags were ready in the front desk when we checked-out early in the morning. This hotel so ideal option especially if you’re going to catch an early train to go to Flam from Bergen as we did.
I’ll write more details about Bergen later in my Bergen chapter.
We got used to live “white nights” from previous trips. We spent our each moment precisely to complete harbor tour and discover other places till late hours.
In the morning our train adventure started, all early risers were waiting departure with great excitement. 

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