Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trip Notes, Chapter#10, Flekkeroy and Kristiansand,

On our way, from Stavanger to Kristianasand we visited Flekkeroy which  is an island situated outside the town of Kristiansand municipality but, since 1989 it is connected to the mainland through the Flekkeroy Tunnel which is 2,320 meters long. 
Flekkeroy,  is one of  quiet, peaceful place that I loved.
So modern and well protected old vessels are together with a nice harmony, there.
In 1990’s, “Northern Exposure” was one of my favorite TV serie, I really don’t know why this little town reminded me that little place in Alaska.
So, quiet, peaceful, gray, foggy and colorful...Isn't it colorful, look at this beauty!

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