Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trip Notes, Chapter#10, The North Sea Route,

On our way, from Stavanger to Kristianasand we visited Flekkeroy which  is an island situated outside the town of Kristiansand municipality but, since 1989 it is connected to the mainland through the Flekkeroy Tunnel which is 2,320 meters long. 
Flekkeroy,  is one of  quiet, peaceful place that I loved.
So modern and well protected old vessels are together with a nice harmony, there.
In 1990’s, “Northern Exposure” was one of my favorite TV serie, I really don’t know why this little town reminded me that little place in Alaska.
So, quiet, peaceful, gray, foggy and colorful...Isn't it colorful, look at this beauty!
Magma Geopark is one of the must place to be visited on this road.

It was a breath taking view, wonderful nature...
A close-up photo of that lovely dwelling unit, good road connection!
More close-up to see that little, lonely island. There are some cartoons, showing  survived person, asking what three things you should get with you to live on this island??? LOL!!! 
I like nature, serenity but this is too much, let's go back to civilisation.
We kept driving on the north sea route, Nordsjovegen, to reach our next destination, Mandal.
Mandal is a town and municipality in Vest-Agder county, Norway. Mandalselva is a salmon river that flows through the town and has its river mouth outside town. Mandal has many small, white-painted wooden houses, which is typical of towns at the South Coast of Norway.
Mandalitten Statue is a symbol of this little town.
By the way, there are so many similar words in my native language Turkish and Norwegian such as mandal. Of course, their meanings are different but to see same words is so interesting....Also, there is another place which is called Asker, before Oslo.
Mandal is also  known with famous Gustav Vigeland who was born here, 1869,  son of a master carpenter. As a boy he showed exceptional ability as a woodcarver and got an apprenticeship in Oslo when he is 15 years old  and he soon realized that he was destined to be a sculptor. I'll tell more about him at another Chapter when tellin Vigeland Park, Oslo.

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