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Trip Notes, Chapter#15, Fram Museum and Nobel Peace Center

The Fram museum (Frammuseet)  is located at Bygdoy, a short distance from the centre of Oslo and is easily reached by bus or, in the summer season, by ferry from the City Hall quayside, other  closest neighbours are the Kon-Tiki Museum and the Norwegian Maritime Museum. The Viking Ship Museum and the Norwegian Folk Museum are within 15 minutes walk. The Bygdoy peninsula is therefore popularly known as the museum peninsula as I have indicated in my previous Chapter#13&14, which is one of Oslo´s main places to go.
The Fram museum  houses the world’s most famous polar ship, the Fram.  A polar museum dedicated to the story of Norwegian polar expeditions with the Fram ship used by Fridtjof Nansen as the main exhibit. Both, Fram and Gjoa are the world's most famous polar exploration ships! 

The Fram was the first ship specially built in Norway for polar research. She was used on three important expeditions: with Fridtjof Nansen on a drift over the Arctic Ocean 1893-96, with Otto Sverdrup to the arctic archipelago west of Greenland – now the Nunavut region of Canada – 1898-1902, and with Roald Amundsen to Antarctica for his South Pole expedition 1910-12. The Fram is now housed and exhibited in the Fram Museum at Bygdoynes, Oslo.
Is was an  amazing feeling to visit Fram, get on board and visualize yourself, journey to the world's coldest and most dangerous places. 

The Fram Museum contains exhibitions of the most famous voyages of global historical significance. The centerpiece of the museum is of course the world´s strongest wooden ship, the polar ship Fram. 
The public can go on board and take a look around in her cabins, lounges, cargo hold and engine room.
Roald Amudsen, the greatest polar explorar, Amundsen was the first to navigate the Northwest Passage, the first to reach the South Pole, a navigator of the Northeast Passage, the first to fly to latitude 88 N, and the first to fly across the Arctic Ocean.
Such a long time had elapsed since the Fram expedition started, that many had begun to believe that the whole expedi­tion had perished in the ice. There had, of course, been no pos­sibilities for any form of communication with the outside world since they became locked in the ice.
Kitchen section of the vessel!
Their living room, imagine who were playing the piano?
"Victory awaits him, who has everything in order - luck we call it.  Defeat is definitely due for him, who has neglected to take the necessary precautions -bad luck we call it"  by Roald Amundsen

There are so many interesting section in the museum, northern lights were one of them. 

the piece prize laureates and their work, as well as current issues such as war, peace and conflict resolution.  

The exhibitions are varied, includes photos, films
We said good bye to Bygdoy peninsula from its pier. 
Boats  between Aker Brygge to the Bygdoy, museum area is available during summer time.

Againt to Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen. Tjuvholmen is a new establishment, some parts are still under the construction.

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