Friday, September 2, 2016

Where and what to eat in Norway, Bergen

In our Norway in a nutshell, we started tour from  Oslo- Bergen-Myrdal-Flam- Balestrand-Bergen afterwords,  Bergen-Stavanger-Kristiansand-Oslo. In all these different places we tried mostly local tastes. Especially, I’m a fish and sea-food lover, I never had any disappointment during entire trip.
Let me start to tell from one famous place in Bergen, Fish market, it is a must place to visit. Especially, if you’re starving in the harbor area and it is raining crazily, 
be better go there taste delicious seafood and have a drink.  
Familiar  Mediterranean smells and talkative&friendly Italian and Spanish staff looked us so friendly and immediately ordered various things.

My plate with was big enough to make me happy!
You may think this is a steak pieces. It is wales! A totally different thing for us but  my husband enjoyed it. In that cozy atmosphere, we didn’t care about the  simple service with plastic plates and plastic cutlery.

After touring old Bergen area we decided to have dinner at Bruggeloftet&Stuene, it was around 8:30 p.m., glad there was a table for four of us. Our first  impression was so nice for being there with their nicely decorated cozy atmosphere and friendly staff.  

I started with fish soup, Bergen style soup was delicious, creamy and had various fish and shrimps in it. 
My main course was a local fish with mixed veggies. 

My husband’s selection was rein deer, he was so happy with his order. Its sauce and side dishes were looking so good. I've already shared my reviews at Trip Advisor, too. We had good food, enjoyed our time in this cozy restaurant at our last evening in Bergen. 
I would like to share another place that we had a light lunch after another rain shower in Bergen was Harbour Cafe.  We noticed that especially local people were eating there!  We had a lunch there. Our orders came almost after 45 minutes but my fish soup and  mixed sea food salad were worth to wait it.
 The soup was creamy with lots of various fish pieces in it. Only soup could be enough for me, with home made breads&butter.

 Also sea food salad was a big portion with  crabs and jumbo shrimps and mussels. I couldn’t finish it shared with my husband.  The prices were reasonable for that quality and portions.  When I compare prices with this quality and big size portions with some other European countries, including my homeland Istanbul, our total bill was so normal.

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