Sunday, September 4, 2016

Where and what to eat in Norway, Balestrand

As I've already shared our very nice dinner experience in  Travel Notes, Chapter#5, Balestrand as well,  when  we were starving at the  pier area and fantastic smells indicated us one point, Pilgrim Restaurant. 
We really had a good food there and paid a reasonable bill.
 My fish soup was delicious, it was creamy with various fish pieces and veggies.

 I had grilled salmon with mixed salads as main course. My fish was well grilled,  all of  veggies were so simple but tasty. You may be able to see the lovely doily in the center of our table.
 I like  all kind of quiches, I couldn't resist one with spinach, we ordered one portion to share.
 My husband  had rein deer stew with fresh veggies, he enjoyed it. We were there two couples, our friends also had grilled salmon like me.
 I think this photo shows all plates better. We had so simple but so tasty foods there.
 I would like to repeat once again, I loved Balestrand and surroundings. Plus, having a good food serving by friendly people at a cozy atmosphere,  is there anything else after a long day?

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