Monday, October 13, 2008

Drawing Winners:)))

I'm two days late to announce the winner of my drawing. I was at Ankara with my precious daughter, I just came back home:) I hope, you all understand my excuse...
I would like to thank you all here for your all lovely messages, nice wishes about my birthday through my blog and my mail accounts, appreciated. You all made my day so special.
I've realized once again that CQ is a wonderful thing, it brings people together from all over the world.
Thanks so much for each of you for your interest to join my drawing. I must admit that I never expected a high participation like this:) So, I decided to prepare another two (small) baggies, as well:))
The winner is, Rhonda....
Karrin and Dee Shaw will have small baggies:))
Ladies, I'll contact you privately for your addresses. I hope you all like the contents of the baggies.
Thanks for joining my drawing once again.
Much love to you all...

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