Monday, May 4, 2009

Old memories, Tirol Girl&Boy

I know, I neglected my blog in the past few days. I did some spring cleaning! I found some old things that I would like to share their relations with my new doily!!!! I want to show you this lovely Tirol doily today that I've bought it last year during our "Romantic Bavaria tour". As I always say so, I love Alpine mountains and I love to visit both Bavarian and Austrian Tirol's at every possibility. To see all those people who wear traditional folkloric costumes is the another point that I like that areas so much. This doily with its lovely blue tones is so neat with my other accessories at my blue home. My daughter was joking me when she was a teen girl, she was saying that "Mam, I feel myself like a fish in an aquarium in this blue home". But, now a days her own home is started to turn a blue home too!!!
Anyway, I love to use this doily with a lovely folkloric design. Now, I would like to share with you some other memories too.

I quit to work before my daughter's birth and I was at home till she started the school. It was so great that I was together with my daughter as being a full time mother. In that period I tried different new hobbies. One of them was glass painting. When she was sleeping, I was trying new things at my small hobby room. In those years I was subscribing "Anna" magazine, its each issue was full of marvelous ideas. I still keep them, they are super sources for a crafter needs. Unfortunately, it is an uncontinue magazine now. As far as I know, its only "crocheting" is available. I was making wall hangers for my daughter's room. This Tirol couple is one of them that I made at least 20 years ago from a pattern of that magazine.
This is another one that I made in the same period, 20 years ago. As you can see, my love for the Tirol couples with the folkloric costumes comes from the past.
I also want to share this snowy scene that was one of my favorite, its pattern was from the mentioned magazine, Anna. It was a different method that I created in those days. I was doing flowers with doughs in those days. I've prepared a light mixture with a special glue, flour and starch and used for the puffy areas and used glass paints to paint all those areas. It was a special glue that I was buying from the warehouse. I think I was much more patient and enthusiastic in those days to try news things to be more creative!
This is another scene but it is unfortunately unfinished!!! There are some details that I must complete. But, I must buy new glass paints. But, I don't know if they work on this pretty old thing or not!
I must keep continue my spring cleaning....Let's me see, what will I find more to share with you???


Karrin Hurd said...

Love that blue and white table cloth Rengin, it is lovely. Blue, my favorite color! Your glass painting of the Tirol couples is great!

It's A Wonderful said...

Those are lovely! I can see why you love them so! It is exciting when you come across something you had forgotten about or thought was gone forever. I guess that's the ONLY motivation for cleaning!

Cathy said...

Rengin, your Tirolean paintings and tablecloth are so charming! I remember your pictures from last year and share your love of the Austrian Tirol region (I lived there and went to school one summer). My only remaining souvenir is a dirndl that is waaaaay too small now, LOL!! :-) Thanks for sharing these goodies with us, and I look forward to seeing more! Hugs, Cathy

Rengin Yazitas said...

It is so true. I get excited when I find something that I had forgotten. So, this motivation keeps me energic to do more cleaning:))

qwerty said...

These are beautiful! They would look amazing framed :)