Friday, August 8, 2014

My new toys:))

I've already share my new toys through my FB  I also would like to share here as well with more details.
Most of the stores closes at 18:00 p.m. in Tallinn. There were too many souvenir shops, had to wait till  next morning to visit them. I found a pin cushion with a small arm chair model. When I saw this little thing on the stores' window, I fall in love.

It is so pretty with its small pillow lace thrower!

 Also, it is so useful for this special place for the buttons, pins etc.

It has special place at back for the scissor, too.
I also found a store in Tallin which was selling knitting materials, especially its yarn section was so rich but I noticed that most of the yarns were "made in Turkey" :))

I didn't have any extra time visit Haberdashery section of  the big dept stores to search if they sell embellishments, special threads, trims, etc....
When we were touring in the Porvoo, Finland, I recognized a fantastic store, Riimikko in the old town ! It was selling miniature homes and their accessories...Is there any othre interesting place for a CQ'er??? 

 This small street has lots of lovely stores other than my paradise Riimikko, cafes, restaurants.... 

This lovely place serve delicious food with its friendly stuff

My new tiny mini goodies! I didn't have iron, glad I have it now:))
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Riimikko, was a  paradise for me with lots of goodies. I just bought small items with sewing theme...Otherwise, I could spend even last coin my pocket!

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