Friday, August 8, 2014

Tallinn, Estonia notes -

So high high temperature and high humidity shocked us when we arrived Tallinn. We preferred to stay in the dark shady garden of our hotel. Side dishes of small potato  balls&cheese sauce and Estonian cheese&cranberry sauce were very good with cold beers!
Those grated cheeses were different than standard  package Horeca cheeses, most probably it was a good quality cheese, just grated  and sprinkled before they serve the plate.

 My choice of fish was OK, those pumpkin seeds were nice additions, I couldn't figure out if they browned in the butter or olive oil....maybe sesame oil!...

My husband's choice was rein-deer! But he didn't like that cinnamon covered baked apple and its filling...It was looking so good but  its taste was too sweet and spicy for us.

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